All photos of instruments courtesy of the Musikinstrumenten-Museums Markneukirchen
Photographer: Frank Fickelscherer-Faßl

Since the 1980s, I have been intensively researching the life and work of the Markneukirchen luthier Richard Jacob "Weissgerber" (1877-1960). The highlight of this work was the release in 2011 of my book: „WEISSGERBER — Gitarren von/Guitars by Richard Jacob“.

Since the publication of the book I have been dealing more intensively with the exploration of Vogtland guitar making in the 19th century, today an increasingly forgotten, yet still challenging subject. My close relationship with the instruments of the Markneukirchen master, Richard Jacob, has, however, not changed in the slightest!
In concerts, I play almost exclusively on „Weissgerber“ guitars.
I also curate a „Weissgerber“ archive, devoted to the acquisition of instruments, data and documents relating to the life of Richard Jacob. My index of Weissgerber works (WGWV) currently comprises more than 570 of his instruments.

If you own a "Weissgerber" guitar or know someone who does, I would be very happy to hear from you!
All information about instruments and their owners will be treated confidentially, publishing data and image material only with permission of the owner.

List of Guitars

ca. 1900 Guitar, attributed to Karl August Jacob
ca. 1905 Guitar, Richard Jacob (dealer label 'Max Berger, Markneukirchen')
ca. 1910 Workshop of Karl August & Richard Jacob (dealer label 'Jul. Heinr. Zimmermann, Leipzig')
1923 Richard Jacob "Weißgerber" Biedermeier Guitar
1923 Richard Jacob "Weißgerber" "Knößing"-Model
1928 Richard Jacob "Weißgerber" "Torres"-Model
1943 Richard Jacob "Weißgerber" Concert model with fluted soundboard and back
1945 Richard Jacob "Weißgerber" Smaller Model with arched top and back
1946 Richard Jacob "Weißgerber" Concert Model with fluted soundboard and back "Water Music"
1951 Richard Jacob "Weißgerber" Smaller Concert Model with oval soundhole