Christof Hanusch

Gitarren-Atelier Berlin Mitte

  • Guitar lessons
  • Consulting / Service
  • Expertise / Certificates / Certificates of Authenticity
  • Assessment of damage
  • Searching for old guitars (especially from the 19th century)
  • Purchase of historical instruments (also of ones in need of repair!)

For me, both professionally and privately, (almost) everything revolves around the guitar. Since discovering the guitar, I have loved this instrument in all its forms and variations. Over the past forty years I have acquired a great deal of guitar playing experience, both musically and technically, in addition to gaining extensive knowledge regarding the construction and function of the instrument. At the heart of my musical experience lie my university studies in "classical guitar" with Thomas Offermann in Berlin, followed by a longtime concert career, several years of employment in a guitar shop, and the making of a guitar myself. The exploration of historical guitar making and the founding of a guitar archive are also important parts of my engagement with the instrument. I would like to share with you here my knowledge and experience surrounding the guitar.

If you have any questions or need advice - whether regarding special playing techniques, the search for the right instrument or an assessment of an attic discovery - please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Construction of a custom made electric guitar by Torsten Preuß, Markneukirchen

This year, Torsten Preuß will build a a special custom made Telecaster thinline with a arched top for me. A piece of maple for the back and cherry wood for the top, neck will be made from a wonderful piece of birdseye maple. In the meantime the hardware including the pickup is complete and we agreed with […]

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Guitar projects 2017: Restoration of historical guitars

Guitar M. Schuster junior, Markneukirchen around 1860 The only missing original part of „The Luminous“ is the cap that has previously decorated the icecone heel. A great pleasure that Torsten and Friederike Preuß in Markneukirchen – who are specialized in fine work with mother-of-pearl – are about to create a beautiful heel cap suitable for this extremely fine guitar. For this a […]

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New instruments in the gallery „Historic Guitars“

For all those who are interested, it is worth taking a look at the gallery again, some of historical guitars have been added, from which now only photos could be taken or which I have recently returned from restorations.

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New publication: Gitarren 17. bis 19. Jahrhundert

Recommendation on the topic of historical guitars: A major work on the exploration of guitars from the middle of Germany.

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